Proper Attitude of Mind

Life and death, pleasure and pain, and all opposites of this world of relativity, produce in woman distinct states, depending on her specific sensitivity.  The sensitive person, unprotected by a balance of reason, is overwhelmed by her losses; and like one who has taken leave of her senses, she becomes emotionally incapable of even carrying on with her worldly duties.  The less sensitive person is only normally affected by her sorrows; she grieves, but her life goes on.

The person of perfect equilibrium, is neither hypersensitive nor stoically heartless; she perceives that the nature of all material things is impermanent, and that it is thus foolishness to expect permanent happiness from them.  Knowledge illuminates and reveals the nature of reality, hence, understanding and enlightenment prepares the person beforehand to meet such changes and also gives her great sympathy and compassion for those who incur devastating losses without the buffer of wisdom.

Silence my ego

Quiet my emotions

Remove my fears

Humble my spirit

Erase my addictions

Sharpen my senses

Strengthen my character

Guide me to wisdom

Fill me with courage

Surround me with protection

Save me from selfishness

Ignite my passion!


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