Hypnotic Rhythms of Habit

Hypnotic rhythm

If you are not living an empowered life, it is because of the bad habits you have been taught and are encouraged to keep.  But habits are not a universal law set in stone; they are hypnotic rhythms that effortlessly carry us through our day.  Depending on the habits we form, so forms our character and at anytime we don’t like the character we have carved it can be changed in an instant with persistence. Desired actions can just as easily be turned into hypnotic rhythms as any of your less desirable ones. Therefore, if you are not empowered, your habits are weak — Strengthen Them!

It is my Duty:

To think and say only that which I wish to come true

To put myself in a position of dignity and independence so as not to be a burden to myself or anyone else.

It is my Duty to build my financial structure mentally so that it manifests accordingly with the abundance of the universe;

It is my Duty to have faith in my ability to produce income, and take action to receive my worth.

And, it is my Duty to redeem myself from past mistakes with the dynamic forces of the universe that enable me to do marvels.


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