Vernal Equinox Dedication


Today on this vernal equinox I have made my commitment to fulfill my role as supreme example of Divine woman and to assist the intentions of Divine Creation. I affirm TODAY everyday with these words of Empowerment to unite my spirit with Divine Spirit.  May my faith be worthy of thy Grace!


Oh Infinite Spirit of my Body, Mind, and Soul,

In your name I Rise,

In your Light I Shine;

Thy will is Mine

With my daily Breath, this day I co-create with you

In the quantum fields of energy that permeate the universe with miracles that follow miracles and blessed wonders that never cease!

Today I dwell in the Heart!

I let go of everything that has no meaning and serves no purpose.

I let go of my past and all its wounds,

I release all toxins and poisons within me,

Today I engage in perfect work that comes to me in perfect ways

Today I embrace life and love and family and friends,

Today I bring joy to everyone I encounter.

Today I fulfill my role as supreme example of Divine Woman,

And by your Divine Grace and Supreme Glory;

Today; all that is mine by Divine Right, now reaches me in great avalanches of abundance!



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