The Ingenious Punishment of Divine Spirit

Divine Punishment

Divine Spirit has an ingenious punishment far greater than all the things that man fears; such as torture, pain, starvation, war, and death, etc.; but rather, the punishment of Divine Spirit is simply life without awareness.

The ostentation of arrogance and ignorance we witness is the result of man’s own lack of awareness of the true nature of living in spirit–a divine punishment. It is because he is not aware that he is born into this life with abundance on a planet of everlasting, self-renewing wealth, that he creates all the things he fears; he fights for what was inherently given to him, he hordes what was meant to be shared, he imprisons himself with ownership of things that can’t be owned, he prays to a God, that he created, to help him get what he already has and he dies trying to get more than he can ever use.  What a grand punishment for man who refuses to just be!


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