The Beginning of all Magical Operations

candle flame

A controlled imagination and steadied attention, firmly and repeatedly focused on the idea to be realized is the beginning of all magical operations…a path all may travel but on which few do journey. It is not bestowed on any individual but won by persistence and practice of meditation.  It is no easy labor, empires do not send legions so swiftly to obstruct revolt as all that is alive in us hurries along the highways of the mind to distract our meditative mood; but if one persists, the brain will grow luminous and she will set out day after day for the hour of meditation as if to keep an appointment with a lover and through weeks and months, mastery will come and when it does, she will rise within herself as a diver, too long under water, rises to breathe the air and see the light.

In this meditative mood she experiences in imagination what she would experience in reality when her goal is realized, and the magic is that in time she transforms her reality into the image of her imagined state.


Let me keep my silent sanctuaries, for in them the eternal perspectives are preserved.

Day by day, week by week, year by year, at times where none, through love or lesser intentions, are allowed to interfere; I set myself to attain mastery over my attention and imagination.

I seek out ways to make more securely my own; those magical lights that dawn and fade within me.

I wish to evoke them at will and to be the master of my vision.

I strive to hold my attention on the activities of the day in unwavering concentration so that, not for one moment, would the concentration slacken.

Training Level 1: 

It is true that if you cannot control the movement of your eyes, you cannot control the movement of your mind/ thoughts.  Practice holding your eyes still on the base of flame or any object without shifting your focus or blinking your eyes.  start by holding this open-eye stillness for one minute before closing your eyes in meditation. Then practice daily to hold your focus on the flame or object for 5 minutes and progress the time 15 minutes or longer if you so desire.  Do this prior to meditating to still your mind.  (It is a good idea to use a timer with a soft bell to alert you when to close your eyes so you will not be tempted to check the time.)


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