A Question of Self Mastery

self mastery

Self-Mastery is to walk in this world with such a grip on my own image of me, that others can see it only as I imagine it to be; not by words, not by might, but by spirit.

I have been more things to other people than I’ll ever know, regardless of who I am to me, because this is a world of mind fields thinking only what they believe.

I can be a criminal but if they believe I am a leader, then to them I am a leader and they will even cover up my crimes to prove what they believe. If I am an angel, but they believe I am a devil, then to them I am a devil no matter how holy my deeds may be.  To some I am worthless, to others I’m a queen; through the course of a day I am degraded and exalted.

So the only failure is living my life trying to be or not to be what others believe of me …(As from the question of Shakespeare; in that, my friend, lies the answer…:-)


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