The Universe Does not Speak English

It’s not what you say that goes out into the universe, it’s what you feel.  The universe does not speak any language, it conforms to the vibrations caused by emotions that create waves of energy–similar to casting the pebble in a pond.  We only use words to help ourselves generate those feelings/emotions we want to send out.

You can say, “I am happy and grateful” all you want, but not until you FEEL it will you experience what the universe–the law of attraction–has in store for a happy, grateful you.

If you say, “I am wealthy,” but you feel you don’t have enough; not having enough will increase, not wealth.   if you want wealth, feel as if you are already wealthy, act the way you would act if you were wealthy right now.  Don’t penny pinch and be afraid of spending; buy the best of the best even if it means laying it away, skipping a meal, or working overtime to get it, but do it believing you can afford it–feeling certain that you are worth it.

If you want love; feel loved, say what you have to say to convince yourself you are loved but most importantly, just feel it!  You don’t really have to say a word, because the universe does not speak English!




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