Scriptures of Nature

The Eagle & the Snake

Eagle vs Snake

The Eagle does not fight the Snake on the ground, she picks up her opponent and carries him into the sky where she has dominion.  In the air, the Snake is powerless and vulnerable, unlike on the ground where it is swift, strong and deadly.

Neither should you fight your enemies on the ground in their comfort zone; but take them up, like the Eagle, onto your own battle ground; in your Spiritual Realm, where you have dominion over all things and where they have no balance, no stamina, and no power over anything!


The Gazelle & the Lion


The Gazelle does not go to the Lion begging not to be eaten!

The metaphor of the gazelle and the lion is a portrayal of wisdom for the descendants of Africa around the globe to understand in the clutches of European dominance.  As a people, holding up picket signs and begging our abusers to stop abusing us is as absurd as a Gazelle begging a lion not to eat her.

The gazelle accepts the lion for who it is, her natural predator; she studies his habits, knows where he lives, then lives accordingly to avoid or escape him.  she will drink from the same waterhole as him, but not on his side. she will train her young to be swift, alert,  never cower to the fear of being eaten. She aspires to master awareness and an undefeatable swiftness that will keep her alive when the chase is on.  The Gazelle escaping the Lion is the grand metaphor to understand changing the racial climate on this planet.



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