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Thank you for visiting Dhyana’s Place.  Please stay awhile and before you go, please let use know what can we do to make you comfortable being here by leaving a comment?  We would love your help in making Dhyana’s Place a cafe of great minds and abstract thinkers.

You are not alone.  Most times that feeling of loneliness shows up in the company of crowds, making solitude the Ideal.  But we need a place to fortify our volition and express our conviction to truth, reality, and the ineffable Spirit.

I’d like to make this the place with space to free your mind and embrace your spirit.  Subscribe for prime access to special upcoming articles of instruction, Guides, and Audio.  Subscribers are welcome to submit articles and videos according to our guidelines and though there is no monetary reward for your work, if published a link to your site or services will be included with your byline.

We also encourage you to acknowledge our other authors of articles/videos  you enjoyed here with a ‘like’ or comment so they know you care.  And Please feel free, as a contributor, to promote the articles that are published here to help fulfill the purpose of this New community and the extraordinary people who come here.


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